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Aluminum Auto Body Repairs Require Experienced Technicians

Auto Body Overview

You may be aware there are big changes underway in the auto body industry.  The push to improve and comply with government regulated fuel standards has made manufacturers consider materials other than steel.  The industry is now trending toward aluminum as part of a hybrid of mixed-material bodies, or full aluminum bodies altogether.  German luxury manufacturers have used aluminum on their luxury sedans for decades.  It is a lighter weight material and just as strong as steel, but will add to the overall cost.

Aluminum Auto Body Repair for Ford F-150

The most aluminum-intensive truck on the road today is the popular Ford F-150.  Ford has also announced aluminum alloy bodies on the upcoming Expedition, Explorer and Fusion models.  GM has announced the same with Silverado, Escalade, Tahoe and Yukon models.  Recent studies suggest there will be a 42% increase in aluminum bodies across the industry in the next decade.

There is no question here in terms of integrity or safety of the vehicle. However, there is a difference in the repairs as it correlates to safety.

If an aluminum auto body repair is done incorrectly, this may result in weaker panels and is a serious safety concern. That is why it is important to work with an auto body repair shop specialized in aluminum repairs.

Why are Aluminum Auto Body Repairs Different

It is critical to understand the differences in the repair process in order to do the job correctly and keep your vehicle on the road for years to come.  In the Ogden, Utah area, John Chevalier Auto Collision Centerz is one of the only repair centers to have this type of repair done and done correctly.  With I-CAR certified and trained technicians working in specialized aluminum repair areas, your car or truck will be repaired and good as new.

aluminum auto body repairConsumers will not be able to notice real differences between the steel and aluminum models other than maybe prices at the pump over time.  On a service level, there are a number of important differences.  Cross-contamination between steel and aluminum can lead to corrosion and safety concerns with the vehicle.  Even steel dust particulars that mix in with the heated aluminum will have a detrimental effect.  That is why a separate space or building is best for the different auto body repairs.  There are also separate tools and vacuum systems for all aluminum auto body repair work.

Welding Aluminum Auto Body Repairs – Experience Matters!

Welding technicians should heat aluminum to 400 degrees in order to make it pliable enough to work with.  Heat travels faster through aluminum than steel, making the typical welding process used on steel bodies more difficult.  Instead, technicians use a special process using rivets and adhesives.  Although they typically avoid welding aluminum, at times it is necessary. Aluminum welding it is a much more precise operation that requires a great deal of skill.  This requires specialized welding torches, plasma cutters and cables to complete the process. Technicians must complete training and recertify each year in order to comply with manufacturer and industry standards.

Handling Your Collision Repairs in Ogden, Utah

Aluminum auto body repair times are approximately the same as other repairs.  However, costs associated with aluminum tend to be higher.  This should trend downward as the material becomes more widely used.

Our team at the auto collision center works with all major insurers and will advocate on your behalf to get the best work done at the lowest cost.  Request your repair estimate or call (801) 516-0624.


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