Auto Body Damage from Potholes

The Surprising Truth of Potholes & Auto Body Damage in Ogden, Utah

potholesAll year-round Utah’s roads are damaged from changes in weather and traffic, causing potholes of all sizes. It is inevitable that you’ll run over a pothole at some point that can ruin your car. Potholes can cause scratches to your car, wheel alignment issues, and wear and tear on your tires. Depending on the speed you are driving and the size of the pothole, the damage to your car will vary. Collision Centerz Auto Body Shop is the top repair shop in Ogden, Utah and will get you back on the road with your car looking in tip-top shape!

Signs of Pothole Damage

If you know you hit a pothole, remember to inspect your car after you have safely parked. You can also listen carefully while you are driving to see if you hear any unusual noises. Some signs to look out for are:

  • Vibrations that are not normal while driving
  • Damaged rims
  • Paint damage/scratches on the bottom of the car that can lead to rust
  • Fluids leaking from under your car
  • Sounds coming from the exhaust system

Certified & Trained Auto Body Repair Technicians

Whether your car suffers minor scratches or major dents from potholes, our certified and trained technicians provide quality and fast service. We offer everything from paintless dent repair to frame straightening and measuring. We will repair your vehicle so it looks and feels great. All of our auto body shop repairs are based on a lifetime warranty. We are the team you can trust to take care of your vehicle after damage from potholes.

We Work Directly with Your Insurance to Repair Auto Body Damage

Having to deal with unexpected auto body damage from potholes can be stressful enough. From having to figure out if your car can still run, to thinking about how you will pay for the damage. That is why Collision Centerz Auto Body Shop works directly with your insurance, handling any paperwork. Regardless of your policy, we will do our best to make the auto body repair as stress free as possible! Stop by our shop located on Wall Avenue in Ogden, UT for a free quote on your vehicle!


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