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The Aluminum Trend

Lightweight materials, such as aluminum, will become more common in everyday vehicles to meet the increasing government fuel economy requirement. With the introduction of the aluminum-intensive Ford F-150, the auto body repair industry is transforming.  The industry now has more of a reason to trend more toward aluminum parts or full aluminum body.  When it comes to working with aluminum vs. steel there is a big difference in the case of repairs.  Shops that are not qualified to make aluminum repairs can cause serious harm to the safety and value of your vehicle.  Over time, more and more repair shops are progressing towards the education and complacency in vehicle manufacturing and repair when it comes to aluminum.

Auto Body Repair with Aluminum

Aluminum doesn’t have the same metal memory as steel.  It is unable to be reshaped to its undamaged state when it gets dented or bent.  The auto body technician needs to be skilled at reshaping aluminum without damaging it beyond repair.  Sometimes an aluminum-specific tool, such as the aluminum dent pulling station, is required.  At John Chevalier Auto Collision Centerz in Ogden, only 15 mins from Pleasant View, we have I-CAR certified and trained technicians working in the specialized aluminum repair and is one of the only repair centers in the area to offer this type of repair.  In fact, any aluminum repairs must be performed in a separate area from steel.  The mixture of unfinished aluminum and steel leads to a corrosive effect.  The dust from steel can even cause a corrosive effect to aluminum.  This can cause long-term serious damage to your vehicle and your safety if an accident were to occur.

Auto Body Repairs – Aluminum Welding Experience is a Must

Welding aluminum is an option for repairs, however, there is a risk of compromising the integrity and strength of the metal.  This can create serious safety problems if the car were to be involved in an accident. Aluminum is a great heat conductor, much more so than steel.  This means the heat travels through the metal much quicker and farther.  This is when experience in welding aluminum comes into play.  Aluminum welding requires special welders as it’s more difficult to weld aluminum parts.  Since there is such risk in this process, auto repair shops have opted to use rivets and adhesives.  However, there are times it is necessary to use welding.

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Why would the industry be trending toward aluminum when it requires a separate area from steel and additional equipment and training? The answer is simple: weight.  Aluminum is just as strong as steel but weighs less.  Why should you care?  Less weight translates to better fuel mileage and better towing and payload capabilities.

The Auto Collision Centerz team is proud of our experienced and trained technicians that are able to take on F-150 drivers, as well as other drivers.  We’ll work with all major insurance companies and advocate on your behalf, so you have less to worry about.  Request your repair estimate or call today.