Dealing With Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

auto insuranceThe days of receiving a check directly from an auto insurance company are in the past. And for good reason! It’s best to have your auto repair shop, like Collision Centerz, work directly with your insurance company so that you’re not left paying the difference. Your insurer may suggest taking your car to a company-designated repair shop. Check with your insurance company to determine the best approach for your car repair, but make sure they aren’t cutting corners.

Dealing with Your Auto Insurance Company

Chances are your car insurance or another party’s insurer will pay for the repair, so make sure they don’t cut corners. Always remember they are a business and their goal is to pay you the least amount possible. This is why it is always a good idea to have your auto body repair shop work directly with your auto insurance company. The collision center knows best and will be your advocate when it comes to keeping the insurance company in check. Just make sure you’re involved with the process and have the final say.

Report an auto accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. The insurance company can give you instructions for your next steps. If you select your own auto body shop, the insurance will likely ask for an estimate or some sort of assessment. This allows your insurance company to get an idea of the damage and associated costs for the repair. Alternatively, you can even take your car to a company-designated shop for analysis. They can submit the cost-of-repair quote directly to the insurance company. This is more common with minor repairs.

Repairing Serious Auto Body Damages in Ogden, UT

For more serious damage, it’s probably a good idea to take your car to a shop and request your insurer send an estimator to the shop of your choice. In this case, the repair shop will have your best interests in mind and should advocate for a quality repair. If driving your car to a drive-in appraisal center is not an option, this is most likely your best approach if you need to have your car towed to a shop. Sometimes your insurer will have the shop assess the damages and estimate the cost rather than sending an adjustor. Other times, there may be a delay in the repair process while waiting for the company’s adjuster to get to the shop. Both approaches allow for a thorough inspection for hidden damages.

Disputing a Low Auto Body Damage Claim

In some instances, companies will threaten delays as a way to strong-arm you to do what they want. Be sure to stand up for yourself and protest; if the representative can’t send an adjustor in a few days, request to speak with someone higher in the company.

A dispute over price may arise, from either you or the insurance company. Get explanations about all charges and stand your ground, as needed. Depending on the circumstances, you only need to pay the deductible. However, if the shop and insurer estimates differ, ask for an explanation and understand the differences.

As soon as you and the insurance company agree on an estimate, contact the repair shop to authorize the repair. If the repair shop encounters hidden damages, they should notify you and request an increase from the insurance company. John Chevalier Collision Centerz advocates for quality when working with insurance companies.  This helps to reduce stress after a car accident while offering peace of mind that you receive a quality car repair. Finding the best auto body repair shop is important, that’s why we accept most major auto insurances. Request your free estimate today or call 801) 395-1946. Our auto body shop is located just off of Wall Avenue in Ogden, Utah.


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