Blind Spots Cause Many Auto Accidents

Importance of Checking Your Bind Spot

Blind spots are still the cause of thousands of auto accidents on the road today.  Even though cars now are equipped with more cameras; a built-in risk still exists every time you get behind the wheel.  Motorists should never let something as simple as not performing an over the shoulder scan get in the way of safe driving.  As responsible drivers, it is something we all learned at one point and should continue to do.   

A few of the following are tips regarding blind spots drivers should keep in mind:

Honestly, “Blind Spots” are really “Blind Zones” –

First, blind spots, as we commonly refer to them, are really “Blind Zones” or Blind Areas”.  They are areas just out of reach of the mirror that can be larger than an entire car length.  Anything can occur in these areas, especially while traveling at high speeds. 

With more cities installing bike lanes across metro areas there are simply more hazards to be aware of.  Always exercise caution and maintain safe driving habits such as checking over your shoulder and using turn signals.

Lane Changes –

A standard lane change may become so simple a task that becomes mundane and second-nature.  Yet it is not something that should be overlooked–the consequences, unfortunately, can be deadly.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates 840,000 accidents take place a year due to blind spots nationwide. 

Cars can approach quickly from just out of view.  Even worse, motorcycles tend to maneuver quickly in and out of traffic and can lead to an accident even if you do check the blind spot.  When traveling down the highway or on the surface streets always travel at safe speeds and don’t hesitate to take a double-check over your shoulder.  It very well may help you avoid an accident one day.

Rear End Collision –

It is correct the rear cameras and movement detection systems installed on a car have greatly improved the chances of accident avoidance.  The threat, however, can never totally be eliminated.  Drivers should never rely 100% on instruments, it is still advised to look over one’s should and remain looking in the direction of a car’s movement.  This means use cameras to assist but still keep eyes primarily on the road. 

All risks can be greatly reduced remaining at low speeds or what is safe for the given conditions. Remember, instruments can only tell you what is there behind you or within range.  It cannot help with a fast-approaching object like a bicyclist racing down the sidewalk as you pull out of the driveway.  This all too common mishap can be avoided altogether by a responsible driver simply allowing the vehicle to crawl out of the stopped position as they scan the area from left to right.

It is useful for all drivers to stay mindful of these basic tips.  Remain vigilant on the road and we can maintain the safety of all who share it.


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