Bumper & Rear End Collisions

Bumper & Rear End Collision Damage

By Christeena

Auto collisions are stressful, especially rear end collisions since they are rarely caused by you.  Rear end collisions not only cause visible damage to your car but alignment problems, transmission issues, problems with the trunk, and even hidden body damage.  The visible damage might be easy to spot and repair but here are some signs to be aware of for hidden damages.

Alignment Problems

The most common sign of misalignment is when you’re driving your car and notice a difference in the way it handles.  It could be pulling to one side or you may notice irregular vibrations and wobbly steering.  Misalignment may seem minor, but over time can cause serious wear and tear on your vehicle’s tires, brakes, suspension and other car parts.  This kind of wear and tear poses safety hazards to you and potentially other drivers.  Be sure to get an alignment inspection if you feel your car alignment is off.

Issues with the Transmission

The vehicle’s transmission components can be impacted with rear end collisions.  These components are located near the rear of the vehicle for rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles, which makes them especially prone to damage with a rear end collision.  If there is damage, you may notice your transmission slipping and your vehicle will struggle to gain speed.  Some other signs to be on the lookout for include shifting problems and transmission fluid leakage.  Don’t risk more damage to your vehicle if you notice these signs, get an inspection by an auto repair shop right away.

Trunk Problems

After a rear end collision, inspect your trunk for damage.  Trunk damage, while minor, may impact your vehicle’s resale value and could pose a safety hazard if it spontaneously opens while you’re driving.  Inspect the trunk for loose hinges and difficulty closing.  If you experience these problems, have an auto repair shop inspect and repair the damage.

Hidden Auto Body Damage

In the unfortunate event of a rear end collision, your vehicle may sustain some damage that is not visible on the surface.  The frame behind the bumper may have damage from the bumper being plastic and not offering much protection.  Even if there is no visible damage, have a professional inspect your car.  Don’t take any chances.  Your vehicle’s resale value, handling, and operation are all in jeopardy when there is damage you don’t repair.

If you notice any of these signs after a rear end collision, contact John Chevalier Collision Centerz to schedule an inspection.  Our auto body repair shop professionals will get your vehicle back into proper working condition.  Visit our collision center in Ogden, Utah for an estimate.


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