Paint Job for Your Car Repair

Quality Paint Jobs for your Car Repair

Auto Painting Services in Ogden, Utah

There are multiple steps in the repair process for your car after a collision.  The damaged parts need to be replaced and the dents smoothed out.  But the important part is the paint job.  This is the final step in the process and an important one.  The paint job has an effect on the cars life post-collision.  Don’t skimp on the paint, have it done right and by a professional.

auto body paintProfessional Auto Body Paint in Ogden, Utah

Let’s admit it, we don’t like to spend money on car repairs.  The cost is high and there is so much uncertainty that follows.  However, the auto body paint job is not the place to go cheap.  A good auto body shop will be able to match the manufactures paint.  How you might ask?  The paint code is located in the door jamb, under the hood, or in the trunk.  Experienced auto repair shops know where to look for the code and can match the color with what they’re using.  The last thing you want is a paint job that is “close” to the original color.  Part of the process of repairing your car is being able to mix paint colors and match the original paint color.

Find a shop certified and experienced when it comes to this process.  At John Chevaliers Auto Collison Centerz, our experienced technicians will give your car a quality paint job at an affordable price.

Why You Need A Quality Paint Job for Your Vehicle

Every day, the exterior of your car is exposed to the elements, be it sun, dust, dirt and salt from the road, you may not even notice the wear and tear.  Paint can and will wear down with time.  The paint on your car serves as a protective layer to protect your vehicle from damage and rust.  Getting a quality paint job with quality paint will ensure this protective layer doesn’t flake or peel too early.  The metal is likely to remain strong with a quality paint job by a professional.

Contact Auto Collision Centerz today in at (801) 516-0624. We have experienced and trained technicians for quality auto paint jobs and collision repairs.  We work with most major insurance companies and will advocate on your behalf.


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