Been in a Rear-End Collision?

Have You Been in a Rear-End Collision Near Ogden, Utah?

rear-end collisionLook for hidden damage

When you get behind the wheel, there is always a possibility of being rear-ended. The damage to your vehicle should come second to your well being by getting safely off the road. Once both parties are safe, take a look at what damages have been done to your vehicle. At first glance, the damage may not look that bad. However, there’s a high chance that there is hidden damage beneath the surface. Here are a few auto body damages to look out for if you have been in a rear-end collision.

What Auto Body Repairs May Be Needed After a Rear-End Collision

Auto Body Trunk Damage

After experiencing a rear end collision, your trunk may be impacted and may no longer have the ability to properly open and close. This could lead to further issues and/or damages. Imagine driving down the freeway going 60mph or more and your trunk suddenly pops open. This could pose as a safety risk to you and others around you.

Alignment Issues

When your car experiences a low or high impact collision, it is common for your car to experience alignment issues. You may begin to feel your steering wheel or whole vehicle wobble and vibrate while driving. It is important that your car is properly aligned otherwise you could be causing stress to your brakes, tires and suspension. The more you use other parts of your car because of the car’s alignment issues, the higher chance your car has of breaking down.

Hidden Auto Body Damage

When you inspect your car with the naked eye, you may not even see any physical damage. However, rear end collisions can affect parts of the car that you can’t see. The frame of your car can be impacted which is the main part that holds your car together. You can do a simple test to see if the frame has been damaged by measuring the distance between each tire to the wheel well. If the distances are not the same for each tire, you need to bring in your vehicle immediately.

Transmission Leakage

One of the main issues that arise after experiencing a rear-end collision is transmission issues. You want to check for any tears or cracks in the tubing and containers of your vehicle. Damage can cause leakage that can cause major issues for your car in just a few days after the accident. You can also check to see if there are any leakage spots that stain the pavement when your car has been parked for a while. Request your free estimate today or call 801) 395-1946. Our auto body shop is located just off of Wall Avenue in Ogden, Utah.


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