Repairing Front-End Car Damage

Repairing Front-End Car Damage

Front-End Car Damage

In the US, drivers will file an insurance claim for their car once every 7 years, on average.  Cars and trucks are faced with all kinds of dangerous obstacles, not just on the road but in their own driveway or parking lots.  These are not serious collisions but can result in internal damage.  Other sources of collisions could be low-speed impacts with shopping carts, fire hydrants, garage door, and other objects.  In worse case scenarios, a high-speed collision with another car or object.  From low-speed to high-speed impacts, the damage done to the front-end of your car will require auto body shop repairs.

front-end damageSteps in Repairing Front-End Damage

Whether it be serious or minor front-end damage, it’s a good idea to have a professional auto body shop assess the damage.  It would be wise to contact your insurance company and file a claim.  Chances are, your insurance company will cover the repair costs.  The auto repair shop will assess the damage and determine if the body panels, such as the hood, front bumper, headlights, grille, and fenders, can be repaired or if complete replacement is required.  Replacement is the most popular, and the safest, choice.  Auto body shops can purchase entire replacement front clips of a car from reputable auto parts dealers.  At John Chevaliers Auto Collision Centerz, our technicians can perform light engine repairs meaning they can properly pull out an entire engine for repair.

Trust Professionals with Front-End Damage Repair

With replacement parts & trained technicians, Collision Centerz auto repair shop in Ogden, Utah can restore your car back to normal, working condition.  Always trust professionals with this kind of auto damage repair to ensure there are no serious issues or safety concerns.

Request a quote or call Auto Collision Centerz today.  We are located just off of  Wall Avenue in Ogden, Utah. We work with most major insurance companies and will advocate on your behalf, so you have less to stress about. Call us today at (801) 516-0624 or request a free repair estimate here.


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