Selecting Any Auto Body Shop

Can you Select Any Auto Body Shop After an Accident?

If you had an auto accident, insurance companies will provide you with about 2-3 auto body shops to repair your vehicle. This leads you to believe those are the only ones you can go to.  However, you have a right to choose where you want your vehicle repairs done at. Legally, you can choose to go to a shop that is much closer to you. There is the option to pick a locally owned and operated or any other auto body shop you trust. You have a right to select the auto body shop of your choice. Don’t feel pressured into driving all the way across town just to go to the one the insurance company recommends. You can select any auto body shop after an accident.

Select an Auto Body Shop to provide a vehicle estimate

When the insurance company appraiser assesses your vehicle they will give you an estimate of the damage that they can see by walking around your vehicle. At John Chevalier Collision Centerz, we will go the extra mile to get you the most precise estimate, because we know that there could be internal damage caused by the accident. Our staff will get in contact with insurance companies to go over the work that we believe needs to be done that was caused by the crash. As long as there is a good reason and proof, insurance companies will most likely cover any costs for proper repair. It is very rare that they will refuse coverage. However, if they do, our staff will communicate this with you and make sure that we address your concerns.


A deductible is a portion of the overall repair bill that your insurance policy does not cover. This means that you will be responsible for that payment. The higher you pay on your insurance premium, the lower your deductible amount typically is. Once your repairs are complete, you will pay your deductible directly to the auto body shop and the insurance company will cover the rest of the bill.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At John Chevalier Collision Centerz, we pride ourselves in serving our local community with quality auto body repairs in a timely manner. We specialize in paint-less dent repair, aluminum body repair, and more. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your vehicle repairs and want you to trust us to get the job done. Our staff will take the burden off of you by working directly with insurance companies so that your repair is pain and hassle-free! We work with all major insurance companies and can repair any vehicle regardless of the make, year, or model. Yes, you can select any auto body shop after an accident!
If you were in a car crash recently and need repairs, contact John Chevalier Collision Centerz in Ogden, UT.


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