Selecting an Auto Body Repair Shop

Working With Your Insurance Company for Your Auto Repair

Auto accidents can be stressful with all of the medical, auto insurance, and repair questions you may have. Even the smallest fender bender can be an expensive auto repair. For this reason, you’ll want to find a reliable auto body shop to do the job.  Unfortunately, this may not always be the repair shop your insurance company recommends.  Always do your own homework by getting multiple bids for the work.  Remember, the insurance adjustor ultimately has their own bottom line in interest. 

Getting Your Car Repaired in Ogden, UT

By understanding the process, you can get your car repaired quickly, at the right price, and also get your insurance to cover it. Following a car accident, most people contact their insurance to learn what their next steps are.  The insurance will likely recommend a repair shop which many people feel obligated to use. There is often the impression that their auto body shops and mechanics are “approved” providers.  However, the choice of which repair shop you work with is entirely yours.  If your insurance tries to tell you that they may not cover your auto body repair at a different shop, that is simply not the case.  Any licensed auto body shop, such as Collision Centerz in Ogden, UT, knows how to submit the insurance paperwork.  Let them advocate for your car repair on your behalf to get the job done properly.

Quality of the Auto Body Repair Work

When comparing price estimates, look for used or aftermarket parts vs new OEM parts.  Only use the insurance company’s recommended repair shop if you feel comfortable with the quality of work.  Even if you chose to pay for the repair out of pocket, you will want to make sure the repair is both cost-effective and quality solution.

Advocate for Your Auto Body Repair

The insurance company paying for the repair will do everything they can to lower the amount they have to pay. Always remember that their licensed shops don’t always mean superior performance. Those shops typically have an agreement with the insurance company that offers them better prices on services to meet certain standards. Make sure you are getting the best auto body repair shop for the job. Request at least 3 price quotes from shops with a good reputation. Then select the one that offers the best price and quality of service for the job.  For more information or to request an estimate for your auto body damage, contact Collision Centerz in Ogden, Utah.  Let us worry about the insurance paperwork for you. We will work with all major insurance companies to help make your auto body repair hassle-free. Contact us at (801) 395-1946.

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