What Goes into Your Auto Body Repair Estimate

What Goes into Your Auto Body Repair Estimate

Some car owners are armchair experts when it comes to the auto body repair of our vehicles. We see the dented quarter panel and think we know the extent of the damage. Auto body professionals are trained to recognize signs where damage is not only contained to the exterior of the car. Auto body repairs cover damage on the surface and within the structure, and from side view mirrors to engine block. Thus, it’s nearly impossible for the untrained eye to assess the cost of repairs, and you might not be aware of everything that goes into your repair estimate.

Collision Centerz take pride in the work we do and go through there three phases when performing an auto body repair estimate.

External Inspection

A Collision Centerz specialist has a checklist of body parts and aspects of the vehicle that need to be inspected. It’s a top-down process that starts from the roof, moves to the windshield, and so forth. Our professionals are looking for dents, scratches, and broken glass, but also tire and wheel damage. Any visible damage will be noted and passed on to the next technician, who will inspect the interior and structural integrity of the vehicle.

Internal Inspection

Damage on the outside may often be a sign of more problems with the internal workings of the car. It’s the automotive version of a thorough physical exam. They’ll run diagnostics on the electrical and computerized components, check the alignment, and test the steering and transmission. Nowadays, collision shops have equipment that scans for internal damage, eliminating the need for invasive surgery on the car for inspection purposes.

Estimate Calculation

Once the inner and outer inspections are complete, the estimator, will calculate the estimate. Here’s where it’s important to deal with a shop like Collison Centerz who have estimate writers that have extensive training in repair and damage estimating. The auto shop you choose is ultimately responsible for relaying the estimate to your insurance company.

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