Why You Shouldn’t Drive a Damaged Vehicle

As tempting as it may be to continue driving your car after an accident, you shouldn’t drive a damaged vehicle. While your car may still be drivable you don’t know the extent of damage underneath the exterior. The wise move is to have the car towed to the nearest auto repair shop and let a pro have a look. 

You Shouldn’t Drive a Damaged Vehicle on the Road

Driving a damaged vehicle is not only hazardous but also irresponsible and possibly costly. It doesn’t matter how far you need to drive the car, without the ability to identify unseen damages, you run the dual risks of compounding your problems by causing further damage, and facing legal repercussions if things go from bad to worse. Operating a damaged vehicle is harder to control, putting other drivers and yourself at risk of another accident. You shouldn’t drive a damaged vehicle.

It Can Only Get Worse

You know that when cars aren’t maintained properly, they run progressively worse. The same goes for vehicles damaged in an accident. Whatever is wrong will only continue to deteriorate. Cars don’t repair themselves. Meanwhile, even minor collisions can cause substantial damage to the inner workings of the car. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not in bad shape. The longer you let the problem persist, the more expensive it will be to repair. 

It Will Cost You in the Long Run

While you may be apprehensive about pricey repairs, consider the car’s resale value. You’re probably going to sell the vehicle at some point in time. Do you think unaddressed damages are going to boost the sale price? Even if you don’t plan to replace the car for quite some time, you still need to have it fixed by a professional. And don’t even think about pocketing the insurance money. That’s called fraud, and then you’re going to be spending even more money on a lawyer. Most people don’t know this reason as to why you shouldn’t drive a damaged vehicle.

Asking for Trouble

The impact of the damage will be felt on and off the road. First of all, how many times have you heard the story of the guy who got pulled over for a broken taillight and wound up with a handful of tickets for other traffic infractions? Driving around in a damaged vehicle is just asking for trouble. At the same time, the car will need to pass state inspections to meet road safety standards. Failure to comply with repairs could lead to further inspections, and ultimately, issues with renewing your registration.

All of these headaches can be simply avoided by taking the car to a mechanic and resolving these issues once and for all. Our professional staff at Collision Centers in Ogden, UT have worked on many damaged vehicles and can help you get your vehicle safely back on the road. 

Auto Accident
Auto Accident

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