Working with a Certified Aluminum Auto Body Shop

Why should I use a certified aluminum auto body shop? As vehicle fuel efficiency requirements continue to get more stringent, lightweight materials such as aluminum will continue to be more common on cars. Repairing aluminum is time-consuming and complicated. Today, the majority of cars on the road consist of a steel frame with aluminum components. As a result of the popularity of aluminum bodies, an increasing number of collision repair shops are becoming original equipment manufacturer (OEM) aluminum certified.

Why Use a Certified Aluminum Auto Body Shop?

Most collision repair specialists are experienced working with aluminum. However, repairing aluminum versus steel requires a significant investment in a specialized set of tools paired with extensive training. Simply put, working on steel and aluminum are not mutually exclusive. You may not argue with the necessity of working with a certified aluminum auto body shop; you may simply wonder why?

Steel vs. Aluminum

Steel and aluminum are obviously two different metals that require different repair techniques. First of all, aluminum is much lighter and softer than steel, so it’s more sensitive to heat. Body shops that deal mainly with steel will need to know not to overheat aluminum, which will weaken the integrity of the metal. Mechanics used to welding on steel may not have the proper technique to properly weld aluminum without melting off adhesive connections on other parts of the car. Certified aluminum mechanics know proper welding techniques.

While steel has “metal memory”—meaning it can be returned to its original structure—aluminum’s pliability requires special tools to repair dents. Likewise, many vehicles with extensive aluminum components use alternative methods to fasten parts besides welding; for example, rivets and compound adhesives. You need strict monitoring and special equipment to repair aluminum. A certified shop is current on all the skills and techniques to match vehicle manufacturer requirements.

Safety Above All Else

Regardless of an auto body shop’s reputation for high quality work, if they’re not aluminum certified, they cannot guarantee a repair to an aluminum component. Improper repairs lead to unsafe vehicles on the road. Work with a certified aluminum auto body shop like Collision Centerz, so you can rest assured that professionals repair your car.


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