Zero Doubt Liability Car Accidents

Some car accidents are zero doubt liability. This means that in most cases a party is 99% at fault. and insurance companies won’t spend too much time fighting about who is liable. These incidents are usually rear end collisions and left turn accidents. You should still get as many details, photos, and a police report on the accident to prove exactly what happened. Do this even if you think it is a zero doubt liability car accident.

Rear End Collisions

An accident where someone hits you from behind, is considered a zero-doubt liability case. The vehicle behind you should by basic law, keep one car space away from others. They acted negligent because they were too close to another car. Most insurance companies won’t fight over a situation like this. Almost always the person driving behind is responsible for the accident because they weren’t driving safely. However, in rare occasions “comparative negligence” reduces compensation. If your vehicle has a broken tail light or broken brake lights this could cause you to also be at fault. 

Left turn accidents

When there’s been an accident where a driver makes a left turn and is hit by a car coming straight toward them in the opposite direction, the car making the left turn is almost always negligent. In most cases, insurance companies won’t fight against each other for an accident with these circumstances. However, if the car going straight was speeding or ran through a red light; insurance companies can declare negligence. Then, the accident would not be zero doubt liability. Depending on the damage of both vehicles, photos, and police reports, they will be able to determine who was at fault. 

Auto Body Repair

If you need to get your vehicle repaired due to a zero doubt liability car accident, contact Collision Centerz. We can assess the damage to your vehicle and give you an estimate on repairs and services. Our experienced and certified technicians will provide you with quality aluminum body repair, paint-less dent repair, and more. We will work with your insurance paperwork so that you have one less thing to worry about. We have more than a decade of experience working with all collision repairs. 


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